Refresh Your Iman – Ustaz Nouman Ali Khan (Read onwards)


This post will be quite a lengthy post but InsyaAllah it will benefit you. Khutbah by Ustazh Nouman Ali Khan tafsir on Surah At Taghabun.
I’m just stating the statements he said that is very strong. But subhanallah, if you listen to the whole khutbah, you will have a better understanding(:

“So this thing that we say, ‘la ilaha illallah muhammadur rasulullah S.A.W’ its very easy for us to say, it was very difficult for them(the people of Mekkah at that point of time) to say. so when they said it,they paid for it sometimes with blood, with tears. And so they had a value for it, but now the Muslims in Madinah, (though a lot of them are extremely sincere) a good number of muslims start coming into Islam not realising that this is some serious business, it requires alot of sacrifice they became muslims kind of in a convenient way, not through difficulty but more conveniently and therefore their Imaan and faith haven’t been really been put into the test.”
(At 7:35Minutes to 8:15Minutes)

“And for most of us muslims, have we made alot of sacrifices to come into islam? No, we havent. And actually for many of you that comes from different parts of the World. your grandparents and your grandparents grandparents almost paid with their blood and sometimes they did to hold on to ‘La ilaha illallah’. But we didnt pay that price, our children didnt pay that price and you know what when you dont pay a price for something sometimes you dont have a value for it, maybe youve never even give a care for look cause its always been sitting there. you know when you give somebody a gift, they will look at it. You give a child a toy, they will look at it, at every single way.”
(At 10:05minutes to 10:40minutes)

Ya Allah, we are so blessed to be born Islam.. but we don’t look deeper into it.. Because we are born Islam we should be so into Islam and find more knowledge on it. Just look at all the converts MasyaAllah…. They seek Islam, they learn about it. But what about us, the ones that have a chain of ancestors holding on to Islam.

He deserves all praises and all good things are from Him, Allah SWT. And whatever evil comes from us.

“Always when you think of authority you think of blaming and here(Al Quran 64:1) Allah says, He owns all the authority and He alone owns all praise and all gratitude. This is who Allah is. When Imaan, when faith gets rusty, people start complaining about Allah people start saying how come Allah does this, Allah does that…. how come Allah doesn’t change our state? they start asking questions about Allah. forgetting Allah owns all praise not criticism. This is a basic lesson, but sometimes muslims forget that lesson so they need to be reminded to.
(At 14:34minutes to 15:06Minutes)

Don’t ever questions His doing. Don’t ever think you know better.
Remember that we are a slave. And He is the master. Remain tawadduk(humility)!

“Don’t you think He has to submit to your standards, of what you think is a good idea, of what you think is a bad idea. He is Master and you are a slave. Know your place. He will make His decisions, whether you get up or not, whether you understand them or not. And whatever decisions He makes are the best decisions, they still deserve praise. This is who Allah is.”
(At 15:42minutes to 16:00minutes)

هُوَ الَّذِي خَلَقَكُمْ – It is He who created you.

Before anything, remember…

“One thing’s true the camera is always on, the surveillance is always going on, the record is constantly being written. وَاللَّهُ بِمَا تَعْمَلُونَ بَصِيرٌ And Allah is in full view of what you’re up to.”
(At 17:32minutes to 17:44minutes)

We all need to know that we have a purpose here.
To put in full submission to Allah swt.
“Did you assume that He created you with no point?”
(At 20:20minutes to 20:25minutes)

To those who get so worried and insecure and thinking how imperfect they are. Allah created you.
Be thankful for what He has given you.

“… Allah is saying accept who you are. I think you’re beautiful, why do you think you’re ugly? Why do you have to be so unhappy with yourself? .. He did a beautiful job with you and moulding is not just in the physical sense, even in our personalities, our capabilities.. Allah has given each and everyone of us certain strengths, certain abilities, certain talents. He is the one that gave them to us so when we don’t appreciate what we’ve been given then we’re not appreciating Allah Himself because He is the One who gave.”
(At 22:39minutes to 23:11minutes)

“All of what we have been given is a gift from Allah Azza Wa Jalla…. and if you dont recognise that, وَإِلَيْهِ الْمَصِيرُ, you will all be going back to him anyway. Whether you take advantage of these gifts or not they will have to be returned to the original owner. To Him is the (final) return eventually anyway.
(At 23:18minutes to 23:36minutes)

When you think you can hide a lie, or nobody knows. When you pretend to be someone you’re not..
“Allah knows the things we keep secret, Allah knows the things we make public. what Allah is telling us is that sometimes people have a really deep problem with their faith but they cover it up with some other words so what they are saying on their mouths is not exactly what they have in their heart. So Allah says i know what you keep inside and i know what you are saying with your mouth. and i know the contradiction between the two too.”
(At 22:22minutes to 22:48minutes)

*onwards is a short example which will be easier to understand insyaAllah*

You think its not wrong, but in reality you know better. Do not fall in the trap of Syaitan.

“Whats so wrong with dating anyway? Whats so wrong with having a little fun? Whats so wrong with this or that? You’ll say it in a nice ways on the outside but the real whispers of syaitan that you have submitted to on the inside, Allah knows”
(At 26:00minutes to 26:13minutes)

Remove Arrogance.

“Iblis was not asked to bow to Allah but he was asked to bow to Adam A.S. because it was a test of arrogance. He didn’t directly show arrogance to Allah he actually showed arrogance to Adam A.S.. He said ‘He(Adam) is made of clay, I am made of fire O am better than him.’ Nobody is gonna say I am better than Allah but Allah wants to see are you gonna say are you better than X, Y and Z.”
(At 31:31minutes to 31:54minutes)

Wallahualam Bissawab


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